I thought it would be funny to resurrect this page. There are probably lots of bad links..

-Will 12/28/10

The DBM are no more. As for the members? Neal and Phil go to UNC, Neal plays in a crust band. Chris was last seen somewhere in Tryon. And I go to NC State and I want to to start a metal/emo type band around here. If you need to get in touch with any of us just give me an email at and I'll get back to you. Thanks for the great times everyone!

-Will 1/27/02
New friends/fans page being added, please send us your name and/or to put on it!

"The Art of Resistance" CD is now available online... (the CDs also come with the below patches). Again I would like to say that this CD is as cheap as we can possibly make it (actually cheaper than), and it we won't make a profit till we sell 80 CDs (because of recording costs)... so please buy this CD because it is for you!

Click here to give a review on NCPO(thanks Kim and Betty for pointing this out)

We have patches now.. but you can only get them from us. If you really want to get some in the mail, email me and we'll work something out.

We have two singers now that Chris is back from Cali!

Our new CD, "The Art of Resistance" has been mixed and was released at our show on May 11th. Eight new power-packed political punk rock songs, plus a surprising bonus track!

Our DOA CD is back in stock again. PLEASE check out our old cd, it is as cheap as we can sell it and it is one helluva rocking cd.

One MP3 from DOA is up on and there will be another one soon.

A few new MP3s are available now on NCPO Radio

Next show: ?

Thank you everybody that came out to the Amos Cottage Benefit, we raised over $600 for charity!! Thanks also to Katy and her dad Mr. Hill for free copies of flyers, it really helped to get people to this show.

We loving playing shows, and being in zines or comps, so email us if you can help us out with any one of those things.

-Will 6/27/01

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