The Art of Resistance

Release date: May 11, 2001

Price: It is $7 from us, and $7.25 at and 8ish Record Exchange

Sold at: Record exchange at Silas Creek Crossing,, and from us.

1. Refuse
2. Prove a Ring
3. Boots in the Streets
4. Kill Your T.V.
5. People Over Profit
6. A Man Named Sue
7. Rich Man's Politics
8. Die for the Man
9. Studio Punk Rock
10. Bonus Track

Cover: The Art of Resistance

Reviews: "This is the second CD from the Dead Body Men, and they just keep getting better. This release, "The Art of Resistance," has riveting guitar, intense walking bass lines, sporadic drums and let's not forget the vocals… Chris and Neal do a great job backing each other up with their own unique vocal styles. Chris with the brittle, raw vocalizing, and Neal with his old school chant invoking performance, lead the vocal parts, followed by immense group vocals ripping up the background. The lyrics are, unquestionably, a masterpiece unto themselves. Rage Against The Machine takes lessons from the guys… "Rich man says "Get a Job!" a suit and a tie, the poor man says "JESUS CHRIST, I TRIED!!!" Over all, this CD is a combination of all the greatest things that make up the ideas of political punk rock… "- Will Addy