Welcome to the Dead Body Men website. We are a second wave style, very fast, very raw, and very political punk rock band out of Winston-Salem, the hellhole of North Carolina. We formed sometime during the winter of 1999, experimenting with a couple of different singers and bassists before we settled on having our present lineup.

Some bands that have influenced us (and that we wished we could sound at least a little like) would include the Damned, Fugazi, Anti-flag, Swank, 30 Deep, Ten Second Rule, the Dead Kennedys, Crass, the Subhumans, David Haselhoff, and the Misfits.

More or less our motivations for forming the band were a mix between political and social beliefs, the need to keep our scene alive, the desire to fuck shit up and have fun, and see how many naked people we could have dance on stage ..errr....etc. The formation of the deadbodymen coincided with the foundation of Triad Socialist Punks, an organizaton (using that term loosely) started by our singer and guitarist. Although all the band members are not members of TSP, our band's message is strongly influenced by it. Aside from pacifism and socialism , we are also strong supporters of the anti-racism movement. While not a straight edge band, so to speak, our bassist and guitarist have been straight edge for many years now.

We are begining to work on our first demo tape this week, which should have three or four songs, all for the outrageous price of around three dollars, or whatever you have in your pocket at the time (but more than a dollar says will). I'm tired of writing now, so go ahead and go to the rest of the site. yes.

-Neal Ritchie

Hey, this is Will here, I just wanted to add some more info up here. As cliche as DIY is today, and as popular as some said punk bands have become.. I would like you to know that we are purists... EVERYTHING we do is DIY, we try to keep the few things that we produce to be cheap. Hell, the webdesign I do and what I'm typing right now is directly into MS Notepad. So when you guys are in the CD stores looking at Eminem CDs (Interscope.. ick), look around for those little guys who aren't on "generic corporate giant records" or whatnot, but the local bands and the bands that keep the music pure and don't burn down their creativity with "set paterns to follow".

thanks - will 8/2/00