Links we like

I'm trying to put some really good links on this page, so if you guys could email me with some links you like.. i'll put a few up

Anti-flag - one of the best bands around, very political
Code 7 - hardcore/emo.. good stuff
Swank - funk/rock/undescribably amazing band
Voodoo Glow Skulls - psycho hispanic ska/punk
Blanks 77 - they just rock
Timothy's Weekend
Jetlag - pretty rockin local punk band
With Death Comes Despair - tech death metal from richmond
Avail - straight up rock
Fugazi - the one and only
Azazel - local metal
Five Irony Frenzy - the most inspirational ska you'll ever hear
Blue Meanies - pure lunatic ska
Narian - clemmons metal, these guys are metal as hell
Prayer For Cleansing - local metal

Venues (around the triad)
533 Uprisings - in Winston-Salem.. has lots of metal, hc, and punk shows
Somewhere Else Tavern - Greensboro, where we played our first show
Ziggy's - Winston-Salem, big name bands come here
Wherehouse - W-S, experimental, improv, punk.. etc

Music Related
NCMUSIC.COM! - what can i say, noel has put some major work into this... shows, buddy lists, free hosting! this is what keeps the scene alive.. thanks noel
NCSHOWS email list - talk to people about he local shows or whatnot
Pheer dot com - where to find out about local DC shows
NC PUNK - nifty page
There's More To Life Than Being In A Band supporting the local bands
The Local Music Directory
gotpunk dot com - neat punk rawk site
Harmony Central - good sight for musicians

Propaganda - good site, it targets Gingrich so it can't be all bad
Boycott Nike - a great cause
Noam Chomsky - if you've never heard this name, THEN GO HERE NOW!!!!
Socio-political smurfs - ever wonder how smurfs were connected to karl marx?
Punk Rock Love Zine - great zine from Cali that is going to feature an interview with Will of the dbm
One Inch Pins - this girl makes some great pins and patches for bands for cheap
Mouth Zine - meg and morg make one helluva zine
Unamerican Activities - some evil stickers and stuff - clothes and such for the avid activist
Child Labor Facts
A Plea for Peace
Child Labor
Green Peace
Corporate watch

Hunger Site - click here to donate 2 cups of free food to the homeless!
LEGION 79 RC5 Crack team - this is really awesome, you put this client on your comp and it goes through millions of keys trying to crack an encryption. If it finds the right one, you win a lot of money and so do you team members, so join my (will's) team
Stick Figure Death Theatre - someone has too much time on their hands, good site for a rainy day
Reality Lost - Scott's page of stuff

Initial Records
Out of Boredom
New Red Archives
Honest Don's Records
Trustkill Records
Fueled By Ramen
Radical Records
Asian Man Records
Victory Records
Dischord Records
Torque Records (whered they go?)
Lookout Records
Tooth & Nail Records

Music Equip (we use)
Gibson guitars
Ibanez basses
ESP basses
Ampeg amps
Carvin Amps

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